Friday, November 30, 2012

Research Policy Covers Grand Challenges and Policy

Research Policy has published a special issue on the need for a new generation of policy instruments to respond to the Grand Challenges.

In this issue, Profs Foray, Mowery and Nelsonpresent  an article called "Public R&D and social challenges: What lessons from mission R&D programs?", where they argue that   Manhattan and Apollo are not the right models for new programs aimed at the challenges we now face:

" Nevertheless, mission-oriented R&D programs can be of great value if they are well designed to fit the particular challenge and the context. Second, we believe that familiarity with a range of existing mission oriented R&D programs can provide useful guidance for the design of new programs aimed at these challenges."

Research Policy Special Issue Papers
  • "Public R&D and social challenges: What lessons from mission R&D programs?" by D. Foray, D.C. Mowery and R.R. Nelson
  • "Defense-related R&D as a model for “Grand Challenges” technology policies" by D.C. Mowery
  • "Grand missions of agricultural innovation" by B.D. Wright
  • "Mission-oriented biomedical research at the NIH" by B.N. Sampat
  • "Missions-oriented RD&D institutions in energy between 2000 and 2010: A comparative analysis of China, the United Kingdom, and the
  • United States"by L.D. Anadón
  • "Public Procurement for Innovation as mission-oriented innovation policy" by C. Edquist and J.M. Zabala-Iturriagagoitia
  • "Which policy instruments to induce clean innovating?" by R. Veugelers
  • "Grand Innovation Prizes: A theoretical, normative, and empirical evaluation" by F. Murray, S. Stern, G. Campbell and A. MacCormack

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