Tuesday, December 18, 2012

The Royal Society and Imperial College Workshops on Governance of International STI Collaboration

From the Royal Society PolicyLab on STIG
October 19 2012 (photo: P Koch)
Possible follows up of the OECD STIG project on governance of international science, technology and innovation collaboration for meeting global challenges were discussed at two workshops held in London in late October.

The first one was held at the Royal Society on October 29, where the STIG project as well as the Royal Society's own work in the area were presented and discussed.

There were presentations by Sir Chris Llewellyn Smith FRS, Chair of the Royal Society Knowledge  networks and nations study, Per Koch, Innovation Norway; Chair of  OECD STIG, Keith Smith, Imperial College London and Ken Guy, Head of Science and Technology Policy, OECD.
From the Imperial College Workshop on
October 30 (Photo: P Koch)
On October 30 experts and policy makers associated with the OECD STIG project met at the Imperial College to discuss further  issues, including  how  to categorize global STI problems,  the best conceptual tools for addressing multilateral collaboration issues, and the institutional forms through which collaboration can be implemented.

An important discussion point was the shape of possible  follow-up projects on policy collaboration for global challenges.

Click here for the Imperial College workshop agenda!

Click here for the Imperial Workshop Summary!

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